Farine Bakery is an artisanal French bakery in Shanghai’s historic former French concession neighborhood where one can rediscover the pleasures of traditionally crafted French breads and viennoiseries (danish) freshly baked onsite.
Farine Bakery 是一家精致的法国手工面包店,位于上海前法租界历史文化街区武康路上。驻足店中,被身边浓郁的法国风情所围绕时,您不禁会产生置身于法国街头的错觉,尤其是眼前新鲜出炉的运用法式传统工艺制作而成的精美烘焙面包及糕点,使得这错觉是如此的幻化逼真。

Opened in October 2012, Farine is expanding and we are looking for new talents to join our team.

We look for high-standards, a good work ethic and a warm personality to share with our clients.
In return we offer career development in a young, dynamic and expanding group, operating in the French gastronomy and some fun along the way.

To know more about our bakery: www.farine-bakery.com
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  • 法国高级面包屋三明治制作员Sandwich Specialist [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋食品包装员Packer [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋收银员Cashier [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋主管Supervisor [ 上海-浦东新区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋烘焙师Baker [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋甜点师Pastry Cook [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋咖啡师Barista [ 上海-徐汇区 ]
  • 法国高级面包屋服务生Waiter/Waitress [ 上海-浦东新区 ]
  • 店经理/店副理Junior/Store Manager [ 上海-浦东新区 ]

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